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Spring Thinking works with senior managers in both large companies and SMEs.  It’s about using 25 years' experience to help brands to grow via fresh thinking and new ideas.

Usually, those green shoots of growth don't lie in some colossal five-year plan which you depict using a Gantt chart with 472 lines on it. Success lies in quickly identifying your 1 or 2 strategic must-dos and burning the midnight oil, if I must, to solve them.

Of course, you may just be looking for more tactical support.  Certainly, the quickest way to a better performance can be just: 'sharpen up your presentation to end customers'.  Brand consultancy, customer insight & research, creative idea generation, marketing agency reviews and day-to-day project management - you can get help with any of that here, too.

It's not just me. Spring Thinking associated organisations and partners are many.  They include the Caffeine Partnership - a renowned international business growth consultancy in London - and the Design Council.

Get in touch now and let's see what we can achieve together. There’s no obligation and cake will frequently be brought to meetings.

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> Winter Is Coming (and it's good news for some of us)

Pressure on wages post-pandemic, at the bottom end of the scale, will transform strategic requirements for many companies. Be prepared.

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6th October 2021

> The sun’s out, Britain…so get your skates on and sell something.

What’s your business or company doing in spring 2021? Reinventing itself into a lean, mean, online machine, rethinking its products and services for a totally new economy and consumer mindset, in which nothing will be remotely the same as it was in 2019? Or kicking cans down the road, whilst having your 40th rolling-agenda meeting on HR issues relating to homeworking? I really hope it’s neither of these but I‘m starting to worry….. And I shouldn’t have to.

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26th April 2021

> Business leaders' attitudes are getting back to normal. You need to be aware.

April 12 and May 17 in the UK serve notice that 2020 is really, really over. Meanwhile, a credible looking survey suggests business leaders' ideas about 'what good looks like' have already changed. And you probably need to be aware of this.

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8th April 2021

> Positive Emotion For The Win

Ads winning in lockdown are those making us feel good, a lesson for all brand marketers

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31st January 2021

> There is no normal coming back any time soon. So work with it.

Earlier today I posted regarding www.bounceback2021.com, a new way for you to achieve a 'real reset' of your …

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23rd September 2020

> Four Reasons Why Second-Guessing Customers is Just as Valuable as Listening to Them

People say "marketing is about listening to the customer." Well - not so much, actually. Read on to find out why.

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1st September 2020

> 'Why your brand is not like Bruce Springsteen’

Brands are not, when all's said and done, in the entertainment business - they are in the business business.

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19th May 2020

> Enjoying 2020 so far? Here's what the experts of 2000 thought would be happening by now. (spoiler alert: it was much nicer!)

20 years ago I produced a compilation of experts' 'Year 2020 predictions'. As usual they were about 50% right.

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2nd April 2020

> The Realistic Truth About Homeworking…. And Why You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much

Working from home is great. Mostly. And you're all home- workers now, just like me. Having done it for 12 years, I do suggest you get ready for some new pressures in the 'workplace'....

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10th March 2020

> Maximise two things to boost campaign effectiveness before you’ve even started

A simple equation for helping you build more effective marketing campaigns. Start by understanding the ballpark you're operating in!

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1st September 2019

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We worked with Danny on our future facing marketing strategy and he brought a wealth of insight, to the project, from his experience of working with a variety of sectors and brands. Danny seamlessly worked with the small project team to identify and help develop the required outcome. He lead two working groups with the Executive Leadership Team which resulted in the development of a five year marketing strategy for WMG.

Lisa Harding, Head of Marketing and Communications, WMG, University of Warwick

“We engaged Danny to help us with the brand positioning of our company. At that time, although we had a firm idea of business strategy, we were struggling to translate this in to a simple message for our stakeholders.

Judith Armstrong CEO Millennium Point Eastside Birmingham

“As Creative Director of FRA, a wayfinding and digital design consultancy, working on Grand Central Shopping Centre, Birmingham I worked with Danny for about eight months as he steered the project through as Interim Marketing & Brand Manager. Danny picked up the reins at a crucial time in the project and guided delivery of the Grand Central website and digital wayfinding. Danny’s clarity of direction and vision ensured that the brand mission and project aspirations were more than achieved. He displayed much skill, experience and drive in directing the team and coordinating the joint venture clients, many stakeholders. and a variety of agencies and consultants.

Fran Raybould Director FRA Shrewsbury

“It was a great pleasure to work with Danny who takes great pride in getting under the skin of a brand, its values, its territories and what it stands for.

Anthony Langley-Smith Co-Founder Proviz Sports

It is impossible to sum Danny up in just a few words. His professional integrity and creativity make him much more than a valued supplier, he very quickly becomes a vital collaborator and partner. Danny helped me to define, redefine, present to a myriad of stakeholders in a complex global matrix organisation, then redefine again, refine and launch! A long-winded way of saying that Danny supports at every step of the journey to implement and carry-out his recommendations, he doesn’t just recommend and leave. You will not regret your decision to involve Danny. He has an easy, honest style combined with his breadth and depth of knowledge, making him a constant source of relevance whether knowledge is drawn from your own industry or whether he brings learnings from other sectors. His appetite and capability for digesting complex data and applying or overlaying to add credibility and substance to thoughts and theories are impressive, yet he never loses sight of the overall objective. Unafraid of co-creation and happy to work with a flexible brief, Danny is a unique thinker that is undaunted by rolling up his sleeves. He has helped me to take a number of projects from research to brief to creative execution to ensure the integrity of thought remains, throughout. Danny is a thoroughly good egg. I cannot recommend him highly enough and genuinely very much look forward to working with him again in the future.

Nicola Green, Global Marketing & Communications Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

"Numark have called on Danny’s experience and advice on a number of projects: general marketing and advertising; research projects and trade marketing - all designed to help enhance our company profile to our trade audience, pharmacists, and to their customers/patients. Danny has delivered on all projects with the same enthusiasm and excitement he had when he first took the project on. He is trustworthy, instinctive, reliable and flexible. When contacting our members directly, Danny is professional and charming.

Lynne Henshaw Director of Marketing Numark Ltd

"Here at Massey Ferguson, as Market Services Manager for the UK and Ireland, I hired Spring Thinking as support for a long-running internal marketing project. This involved setting strategic priorities with our senior team and then ongoing project management to ensure delivery. All the input we received has been of excellent quality and I would recommend Danny highly as a result."

Tony Cox Manager, Dealer Development, UK & Ireland

"Danny provided truly excellent insights to enable Barclays to effectively target and execute our marketing campaigns. He is incredibly knowledgeable and his intellect is an asset in any project. But, perhaps more importantly, he’s just a great guy to work with. Passionate. Sensitive. Positive. Caring. I look back on our time working together with great affection."

Claire Salmons Head of Positioning, Barclays Bank plc London (2000-2003)

"I used Spring Thinking, whilst running my long established recruitment consultancy Big Fish, to help my senior team assess our competition and develop brand messaging for the future. Danny has a lot of experience working with different clients and can take on information and develop insights rapidly, as well as being great to work with. I’d highly recommend his company for anyone who needs an external viewpoint to help them understand their business and opportunities."

Nicola Kleinmann Managing Director, Big Fish Search and Selection (2003-2011)

"WPR is one of the largest PR agencies in the Midlands and has used Spring Thinking regularly since it was founded. Our staff have benefited from training in presentation development and delivery, as well as in strategic thinking, both being areas in which Danny offers genuine expertise. We also trust his judgement as an adviser to ourselves and our clients, when customer insight or strategic decision-making is required."

Jane Ainsworth Managing Director, WPR (Current)

"Shearwater Rock is a project management business operating across the industrial and property sectors. On behalf of the Design Council, Danny expertly helped our management team to review our overall business aims and ambitions. He approached this task in a structured and challenging way, which enabled us to gain a clear picture of where our company wanted to be and what needed improving to achieve it.

Susie Middleton Business Manager, Shearwater Rock (current)

"Danny Herbert’s insight, creative and planning capabilities have proven very useful to our retail business as we strive to understand and embrace the large and diverse consumer audiences that visit our destinations.

Stephen Brown Group Marketing Director Hammerson plc London

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