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You regularly review marketing suppliers. You either do this professionally and thoroughly - in which case it is very time-consuming - or you do it badly and may even treat it as a nuisance.

In which case there is a serious risk you will make the wrong decision.

There are two elements to an agency or marketing supplier decision. First, do they appear to have the best grasp of what you need and how to deliver it? Second, can you work with them and, most specifically, are you going to get value for money from the relationship?

Spring Thinking offers my own expertise to help you in briefing, managing and reaching a decision from your next pitch. I have participated in over 200 business pitches and can help you do it better and more easily, taking workload off your hands while you concentrate on other matters.

If you need advice, I have my own ‘patentpitch methodology, one that helps minimise the risk of making the wrong decision.

It ensures the strongest working relationship from the start with your new supplier.

And it helps make sure companies vying for your business spend the time they have available on the things you most need to see.

As far as value for money is concerned, one of my network associates is Nathaniel Andrew Associates, a company of procurement experts who have worked, amongst others, for Finning, Severn Trent and British Sugar.

Buying some of their time alongside mine gives you a team that understands, to use the ISBA’s recent terminology, the ‘logic’ as well as the ‘magic’.

You may well love running agency pitches and call them regularly just for the fun of it. If not, talk to Spring Thinking.

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