Wishing there were eight days in the week

Eight days? Won’t happen, will it?

However, my guess is you could frequently use an extra day in the week, whatever it was called.

Because, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a sales director, marketing director or a senior agency account handler or something.

You work very hard. (I hope your job is not your life, but it probably feels like it.)

Yet, you frequently realise with a sinking feeling that it’s Thursday and another week has gone by without you progressing that important project or sales pitch.

Without managing that supplier review or re-energising the branding on your main sales line. Or without giving your big account the ‘shot in the arm’ the client says is needed.

It’s comforting to reassure yourself that this is perfectly normal for 2024.
Still sucks though, doesn’t it?

So what are you going to do about it?

  • You could hire some more staff.
  • You could work even harder.
  • You could change jobs.

Let’s discount the last option. Working harder sounds a poor solution, too, as your quality of output is likely to suffer.

Hiring staff could be the solution. However, if they are as experienced as you then there may be political issues, or they may simply be unaffordable.

And if they’re inexperienced, some of the things you need them to do may be beyond them.

This is where Spring Thinking comes in. Because what you really need is that eighth day of senior-level productivity in the week.

Click here to find out what you could be doing with it.

Time pressures

Thinking about it…

Suppose we did decide to have an eighth day - we’d need to find a Roman or Norse god to name it after, and that could be tricky. Most of the best choices have gone. Out of the remainder, Frigg-day sounds rude, Mars-day too close to corporate sponsorship and Diana-day would just start all that crying and flowers off again.

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