Happy, positive and ready to grow

Whilst we all know business in 2024 is very definitely challenging, there’s plenty of reason to be positive because the opportunities are there for thoughtful marketing.

That’s actually one of the reasons for the name ‘Spring Thinking’. Consumer empowerment and individualisation makes it seem increasingly like a fresh era where all sorts of new growth is likely.

Communications options are broader and more ‘democratic’ than they used to be - success can no longer be simply bought. And the old goals of marketing (such as ‘a box of Corn Flakes in every cupboard’) are gone forever. What’s vital is to develop, and deliver consistently, an offer that will appeal strongly to at least a part of your market.

If you chose this page because, like me, you're feeling basically confident about the future, what projects might you have on your to-do list? What sort of actions might you be considering to maximise your department’s efforts during 2024?

I’m guessing it’s likely to be about developing things.

Developing people, developing a better understanding of how to appeal to customers and possibly, developing some new brands or product.

All these are areas where Spring Thinking can offer you assistance, on the "plug-in" basis mentioned previously.

Click here to see the sort of things that might be involved.

If you’re on a tea break, or waiting for a meeting to start, read more thoughts on this subject here

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