About me. And you, perhaps.

This is me. Danny Herbert. My main aim in life is to add value, by bringing tons of experience and an outside viewpoint, to your business or brand. Spring Thinking is my company and I personally handle most of the work, sourcing third-party help when your project requires it.

Making your work-life more successful requires me to be good at what I do, which I humbly suggest is the case. 

Dozens of marketing agency clients have had their brand communications successfully planned and directed by me.  As a consultant, I've delivered many dozens more projects, solving problems, developing customer insights and rolling out work to drive sales.

The value I bring is equally valid for huge companies (Jaguar Land Rover, Kier), for public sector bodies (universities, councils), and for micro-businesses.

As STL managing director, the Design Council chose me, as one of only 40 successful applicants out of 300, to help medium-sized companies via the government's Business Growth Service.

Over my career to date a lot of people have come to rely on me, and you can see a few here.

What have I been doing?

Amongst other things:

  • Worked with clients to develop compelling value propositions for a tech company M&A specialist and a large property services company;
  • Identified key market drivers and actions, via research, for a world-leading bubble tea brand;
  • Helped various clients successfully review and appoint new advertising, media, PR and event management companies;
  • Set new brand direction for Birmingham's Millennium Point;
  • Helped devise global marketing strategy for JLR, brand strategy for Proviz sports clothing and annual promotional plans for a couple of big pub chains you’ve been in recently;
  • Developed brand and communications thinking for things like: construction companies;  trains; a bowling alley, a science park, a university; plant hire; an iPod dock; and a massive parcels company.
  • Developed event & attraction ideas for one well-known Castle, a major city and 3 decent sized towns.
  • Redeveloped my university client’s business-customer and undergraduate online offers, and
  • Trained dozens of people in better presenting and strategic thinking.

What qualifies me?

Many years ago I started work in ad agencies. They’re usually called communications agencies now but it’s the same sort of thing. Click here to see the most recent.

Most of my work after 1995 was on new-client strategy. Trying to understand your marketplace and competition, drawing my own conclusions and listening to your colleagues … and quickly producing a proposal for action. My strategic input has helped people like you sell stuff, achieve goals, get promoted and even win the odd award.

Nowadays, my aims are quite similar, really. The chief difference is: it costs my clients less commitment and less money. I have no long-term service to sell and no payroll to prop up.

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