Your job ever remind you of “Saving Private Ryan”?

I hope nobody who visits my site actually reads this page, because it implies that your role is really getting on top of you.

Not only is that bad for you, it also makes me feel like an ambulance chaser. But the fact is, a lot of my offer is aimed at people who, okay, don’t actually hate their jobs but do find parts of them very wearing.

What’s worse is you may even be feeling guilty about letting it all get like this. Which is understandable, but not helpful.

Thinking less negatively is a good start.

Of course, one way to ensure you feel way better about work might be to actually get some help. It is, after all, conceivable that your immediate work load is truly impossible and that no amount of ‘positive framing’ will change that

Unsurprisingly, I think I can help you with that. :)

At least, as long as some of your problems fall into these sorts of areas.

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Under fire

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