Your job ever remind you of “Saving Private Ryan”?

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Ever stopped to consider just how broad is the remit of a senior marketer?

One minute somebody is asking you to comment on a small design change for the annual report. Next, you have to go see the HR Director to discuss how to implement the new corporate culture you enthusiastically sold in to the board.

On the way up the stairs, you're told that your media schedule is continuing to underperform but that there are no brilliant suggestions for how to fix this.

If I'm honest, it's true that choosing between two Pantone colours isn't that hard. In contrast, covering all the bases in genuine marketing is considerably more difficult.

But then - thatís good, isnít it?

If successful marketing was as easy as some books suggest, you would be getting paid the same as the lady who sanitises your phone every fourth Friday in the month.

Maybe the way to feel better about work is to remind yourself about that. It is difficult, it can be a jigsaw puzzle, but at least we're all in there pitching.

You're in sales or marketing because, at least most of the time, you can do it - whereas some others simply can't. Don't be smug or lofty about that (after all, those things are never appealing) Ö but remind yourself from time to time when it all seems a bit too taxing.

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