University of Birmingham Chancellor's Dinner


This is the Great Hall of Birmingham University.  Attended the University of Birmingham Chancellor's Dinner here last night. Always interesting to meet HE staff, and academics in particular, not least because their mindset is so completely different to most of the people I get to work with usually.

‘Methodical’ is probably the aspect we should value most. There’s not enough of it about. Without at least some people spending a lot of time pondering what-ifs and exploring tangents, about 1000 really clever things you take for granted would never have been developed.

Within the marketing business, strategy / insight types like myself are often regarded as ‘methodical‘ too (probably because we remind folks that not everything can be decided by lunchtime.) Compared to the average University academic, however, we look like Hartley Hare. 

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University of Birmingham

Friday 17th July 2015

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