Off to the races


Trip this week to the races – York racecourse to be precise – in my capacity as a Design Council associate. Venturefest and similar events across the country put all sorts of people who can help small/medium enterprises and those starting up for the first time into one room. The government’s Business Growth Service has plenty to offer and now Grant Thornton is involved with our aspect of it we expect a lot more people to sign up and discover the true potential of design to transform business prospects.

10 hours standing up at the show and you meet everybody from people coming, rather late, to the ‘cupcake industry’ party through to those developing solar powered flight. Not for the first time, I realise I’m not a natural entrepreneur. Maybe you are, in which case I will happily help you become wildly wealthy and fulfilled.

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Venturefest, Yorkshire

Saturday 14th March 2015

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