Grand Central Birmingham Press Call


I swear to God, all the women I meet working in PR or local media have straight, medium length hair. Only just noticed this, probably because it shows up so much against orange PPE. This is the launch announcement press call for Grand Central, back in July. We coordinated coverage with our John Lewis and New Street Station colleagues to great effect across the whole region.

(We open on September 24, by the way, if you’ve been living on the moon. Or, more realistically, not living in the Midlands.)

What I really wanted to show you was the photo I should have taken of the 7 or 8 female colleagues with whom I toured the site today, all of whom met the description above.

The trousers are flattering aren’t they? Network Rail is very, very safety conscious – after all, some construction sites wouldn’t make you wear Tango trousers. However, this project is colossal and so far there has only been one, minor injury.

Maybe safety at work operates like the winning approach taken by the Team GB cycling guys – whereby improving everything you can identify as a factor, even in apparently tiny ways, makes a massive difference?

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Grand Central, Birmingham

Thursday 13th August 2015

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