Tutu gorgeous!


This year I get to go to lots of cool places. Witness me playing chopsticks on the piano in the big, echoey rehearsal room of the internationally-renowned Birmingham Royal Ballet. We hosted a blogger evening here last night for all the people contributing to the Grand Central website and its mission to promote the loveliness of the UK’s second city throughout the spring and summer. (Rationale: while we don’t yet  have our premium retail destination open for business, you can still come to Birmingham which has lots of world-class architecture, culture and food on offer). 

As Joanna Lumley would say, “lovely”.

Incidentally, I have a photo proving I can get my leg up on the rail, like a ballerina, although the resemblance does rather end there. Get in touch if you feel you need to see it.

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Grand Central, Birmingham

Sunday 19th April 2015

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