Best presenter ever?

As the website mentions, I can train you to develop and then present compelling arguments for your business. You may need such help, as not everyone ( & I include myself here )  is a natural presenter. Tell you who is a natural, though, and that’s scarily-young-yet-brilliant Jodie Cole, who I met last night at the BYPY Awards.  

She set up JC Social Media in 2011, after spending a year on a graduate scheme with the National Skills Academy, and in 2014 won the overall BYPY award.  Last night Jodie was presenting this year’s winners in front of a big crowd at the ICC.

Presenting is almost 50% confidence and almost 50% knowing your material (keen mathematicians will have deduced there is a wee bit more involved, which I’d be happy to tell you about, but it’s not relevant here).  

Anyway, I can’t remember seeing anybody ever do better than Jodie at these key elements of presentation, all whilst remaining completely natural.  Expect her to be PM or have her own TV show at 35.

PS. Tom Cullen was a nominee last night, by the way, and if you don’t subscribe to 'iChoose Birmingham', his what-to-do e-magazine, then you should.  You’re bound to be in Birmingham at some point…

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JC Social Media

Thursday 14th May 2015

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